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№ 11

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On Bogoliubov's Theory of R operation

Parasyuk O. S.

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A new, more exact exposition of Bogoliubov's theory of R-operation, which is of great importance in the quantum theory of field, is given in this paper. A definition of R-operation is contained in §§3 and 5. Theorem 2, confirming the possibility of writing down the contribution from any Feinman diagram after applying R-operation to it in the form of (8. 3), is the basic one. The final result consists in the proof of the limiting ratio (9 4).

Citation Example: Parasyuk O. S. On Bogoliubov's Theory of R operation // Ukr. Mat. Zh. - 1960. - 12, № 3. - pp. 287 - 307.

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