Том 71
№ 11

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Информативность функционалов

Корнійчук М. П.

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We introduce the concept of informativeness of a continuous functional given on a metric space $X$ with respect to a set $\mathfrak{M} \subset X$ and a metric $\rho _X$. The problem of finding a functional with the greatest informaiveness is stated. For some sets of continuous functions, this problem is solved by reducing to a subset of functional given by a value of a function at a point.

Англомовна версія (Springer): Ukrainian Mathematical Journal 46 (1994), no. 9, pp 1272-1279.

Зразок цитування: Корнійчук М. П. Информативность функционалов // Укр. мат. журн. - 1994. - 46, № 9. - С. 1156–1163.

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