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Borisenko A. I.

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Streamlining by a plane stream of an ideal incompressible liquid of thin beams with large flexure

Borisenko A. I., Myshkis A. D.

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Ukr. Mat. Zh. - 1963. - 15, № 2. - pp. 119-134

singular integral equation (3) for a single beam and (5) for a grating of beams. A single parabolic beam is discussed in detail. In this case the equation assumes form (10), and its solution is found in the form of a series (11) with undetermined coefficients, which are found by means of an infinite system of linear equations, the coefficients of which are expressed by double Fourier coefficients (14). A rapidly converging iterational method is indicated for finding the latter; the system of equations is also solved by means of rapidly converging iterations. The method may be extended to polynomial beams higher than the second power and on a grating of beams without essen t i a 1 changes.